Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Adnan Kahveci Bulvarı No:45 Kutlukent/SAMSUN/TURKEY


Pbx: +90 362 266 64 64
Tel: +90 362 266 76 78
Fax: +90 362 266 61 77



Durupay Furniture started to get into act in 2002 by using MOBİNDA brand name in Organised Industrial Zone. Our company's manufacturing facilities' field is over 20.000 m2. The sofa, sitting groups, bedroom with bads, dining room and kid's room sets and and accesories which have designed originally with modern line have take part in our product scale. Our products are manufactured by CNC machines. DURAPAY FURNITURE is making effots for renewing itself everyday and generating new outlet centers by increasing production capacity. On the other hand DURAPAY FURNITURE has rise its share of export day by day. DURAPAY FURNITURE has kept going to rise of the product quality to become a global brand as named by MOBİNDA.

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